Rocky IV
Rocky IV

Rocky IV

DramaPG19851 hr 31 min
6.8 (11.8k)
6.9 (216.3k)



Release Date

November 21, 1985

User Reviews

So-in your face-80s but it’s so awesome. Revenge, good v evil, underdog against the odds. You can not be bored watching this film
I got the amazing chance to see this in theaters and I urge everyone to see this if they enjoyed the other Rocky’s. Truly a fun time!
A perfectly good Rocky sequel. I feel like it misunderstands it’s own message, but overall an entertaining and captivating film.
This is probably not a great movie on artistic merits, but it's absolutely a Mt. Rushmore caliber relic of 1980's cornball cinema.
Fun, but I’ll admit, if it weren’t for the powerful performances of the actors, the story was beginning to wear out.
Rocky takes on Russia, it's exactly like you try think it is
This film’s impact is perhaps was deserving than the others, but undeniable none the less
If you want to get hyped then this is the movie to watch.
In my opinion it has one of the best fights in the Rocky Series,It's a bit weird but overall it was really fun to watch.
A very sad but good movie worth the watch

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