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Everything you need to know about Taste

About us

Are you spending more time searching for movies and shows than actually watching them? Taste provides recommendations and reviews based on your personal taste, making it easier to decide on what to watch, find hidden gems, and build your watchlist.

How does it work?

Taste was founded on the simple premise—‘the best recommendations come from those who share your personal taste’.

98% of us use recommendation sites as part of our everyday lives. User ratings are useful as they show us what the majority thinks. But Taste does recommendations differently.

When you search for a movie or show, we show you how the people with the most similar Taste to you rated it, eliminating a lot of the noise.

Here’s how it works:

  • You rate the movies and shows you’ve seen
  • We find the users who are very similar to you
  • Their favorite watches become recommendations for you

How is this different?

Taste’s movie ratings and reviews differ for each person based on their taste. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Fandango, Taste decentralizes the peer reviews to make them gender-neutral and remove all commercial bias.

  • Unexpected Gem

    "...Since getting the app, I have begun to find films and documentaries that are well recommended to my personal tastes. It’s also fun to run across other people in the app who share the same tastes as you. I always remind myself that somehow Bridesmaids is someone else’s guilt pleasure too."

    - linipanini

The company

Taste Labs was founded by John Lin and Justin Messina, a marketing and engineering duo with 20 years of experience in personalization technology.

Taste began as a passion project when they set out to build a personalized review platform for movies. Working nights and weekends, Taste quickly gained traction through Reddit and grew to a sizable community of cinephiles and data enthusiasts. The privately owned platform now serves a community of 500,000 registered users, and continues to grow.


Fact Sheet

  • Taste users contribute over 100K movie recommendations to the platform everyday
  • Taste is completely independent and funded by its own users
  • Taste has raised over $1.1M through equity crowdfunding
  • Taste has users from over 150 countries
  • There are over 500K written reviews on the site
  • The company is headquartered in New York City with additional staff in California and Canada
  • Avatar is the most rated movie on Taste— with more than 300,000 ratings, 88K people thought it was “amazing!”, while 78K people thought it was just “meh”.
  • The Room is the most polarizing movie on Taste—70% of the users thought it was either “awful” or “amazing”...the two groups are split nearly 50/50.

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