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Everything you need to know about Taste.

What is Taste?

Taste is an entertainment platform that connects you with movies and TV shows across streaming services, curated just for you. You can discover hidden gems, build your watchlist, and enjoy seamless content viewing for free.

How does it work?

Taste was founded on a simple premise—'the best movie and TV reviews come from those who share your personal tastes.' We establish communities of like-minded individuals who have the most similar movie preferences, enabling them to help each other through ratings and reviews.

Here's how it works:

  1. Rate the movies and TV shows you've seen
  2. Add your favorite streaming subscriptions
  3. Get personalized recommendations based on your taste
  4. Watch your next favorite movie or show for free

How is this different?

Taste's movie ratings and reviews differ for each person based on their taste. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Fandango, Taste decentralizes the peer reviews to make them gender-neutral and to remove all commercial bias.

Start calculating your taste here.

The company

Founded in 2018 by John Lin and Justin Messina, Taste began as a passion project to create a user-focused review platform for movies. Gaining traction through Reddit, the platform quickly grew into a thriving community of cinephiles and data enthusiasts. Now serving over 800,000 registered users across 150 countries, Taste continues to grow and expand platforms and genres, making it easier than ever for users to watch their favorite content for free across streaming services.

Our co-founders, John Lin and Justin Messina

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