About Us

What is Taste?

Are you spending more time searching for movies and shows than actually watching them? Taste is an online review community that shows you the opinions of like-minded people, making it easier to decide what to watch, find hidden gems, and build your watchlist.

How does it work?

Taste was founded on the simple premise—‘the best movie & TV reviews come from those who share your personal taste’.

We identify like-minded users around the world with the most similar movie taste to build communities of users. Just search for any movie and you’ll see movie ratings and reviews from the people who love the same things that you do.

How Is This Different From Other Movie Review Platforms?

Taste’s movie ratings and reviews differ for each person based on their taste. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Fandango, Taste decentralizes the peer reviews to make them gender-neutral and to remove all commercial bias.

What’s With The Profile % and Levels?

Your taste profile grows when you rate movies, add attributes, and like / dislike movie reviews. Needless to say, recommendations get better as you grow the profile.

What Is Karma?

Karma is earned every time someone likes one of your movie reviews. You can write a review / reaction to help guide those people who share your taste.

I love Taste. How can I help?

Whether you’re into development, marketing, investing, or just want to share suggestions, we’re always looking for more manpower and more help. Contact us to find out about the latest open projects.

Taste is powered by The Movie Database (TMDb) and JustWatch.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t log back in, Taste is making me create a new account again.

Login and sign up are merged on Taste. To sign back in, (1) verify with the phone or email associated with your account, (2) enter the four digit code sent to you.

I’m not receiving an email with the verification code needed to finish signing-in.

Send the email associated with your account to either our Facebook or email, staff [at] taste.io. Someone will get back to you within 2 business days.

The app logged me out and I can’t log back in using Facebook.

(1) Log into the web app using your Facebook account, (2) go to account settings and add a phone and/or email, (3) confirm it, (4) use that information to log into the mobile app.

I don’t know how to cancel my premium account

Subscriptions are managed by iTunes/Play Store. You will have to log into your iTunes account and cancel it from there.

How do I delete my account?

(1) Login to the web app, (2) click on your profile image on the upper right hand corner of the page, (3) click settings, and (4) select delete account.

There’s a missing movie/tv show, how do I report it?

Send the IMDB link of the missing item to either our Facebook or email, staff [at] taste.io. It may take up to 5 business days for it to appear on Taste.