The Equalizer
The Equalizer

The Equalizer

ThrillerR20142 hr 12 min
7.2 (14.3k)
7.2 (384.5k)


Release Date

September 26, 2014

User Reviews

Very gripping story, satisfying revenge movie, likable characters, Denzel is at his best in this one!
standard “superhuman” action hero type of film, but Denzel Washington has such good screen presence and the supporting characters are great.
Denzel at his finest. Sold action movie although formulaic. Good casting. I love a lone wolf minimalist hero anyway. My kind of film.
Great acting. Great action. Iconic Denzel role.
One of the best action movie I’ve ever seen. Everything in this one is outstanding, not to mention Denzel extraordinary act.
It is one of the best movies I ever seen, intense, full of action, reasonable story line and so on. Really recommend to watch.
Could watch Denzel take down bad guys all day, fun watch.
Fantastic film. Denzel Washington is the incredibly lethal yet calm cool and collected protagonist who isn’t quite who he seems.
Fun to watch, can’t get enough of Denzel.
Just a good movie with Mr, Washington as a revenge killer.

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