Asterix and Cleopatra
Asterix and Cleopatra

Asterix and Cleopatra

Family19681 hr 12 min
7.1 (684)
7.2 (13.7k)

Release Date

December 19, 1968

User Reviews

It's just a fun cartoon, if that's your thing you'll like it
Good old Asterix. One of favourite childhood movies.
Childhood memories distilled into movie form
The animation style is a bit crude, but the story and characters are charming and funny. The whole family will enjoy it.
I grew up watching this. I love the typical old school cartoon logic it has.
Maybe one of my favourite asterix movie
Loved this movie and the comic it’s based on.
Goscinny and Sempé at their finest. Great watch for all age cathegories
Exept for the fact that French people are not good at making jokes about other cultures, it's nice
One of the best Asterix animated movies.

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