Minority Report
Minority Report

Minority Report

ActionPG-1320022 hr 25 min
7.2 (36.2k)
7.6 (565.1k)


Release Date

June 21, 2002

User Reviews

I like the concept of this movie, even its a 2002's movie still worth watching in 2023 if you're not watched yet
Great automobiles, interesting plot, but actor TC…. Puff piece. “Shawshank” meets “Bladerunner” meets “Star Trek” TOS.
Outstanding film, definitely worth rewatching
This is still very much watchable in 2022. Great watch as always.
Excellent adaptation of the Philip K. Dyck about arresting people for crimes they are predicted to commit. Good, compelling mystery.
This movie is very good but not amazing, the pacing is awkward at times, but the story is great even if the end feels a little rushed
One of Spielbergs best. A glowing example of sci-fi action.
Underrated Spielberg, although it starts to feel too long toward the end.
I was a pre-cog when this movie came out and I said that there would be a movie like this that would be better appreciated in 20 years
The cast deliver (Morton is a gem) in this un-Cruise and un-Spielberg movie. Gritty, thought provoking, challenging and tense.

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