Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

DramaPG-1320022 hr 21 min
8.1 (104.5k)
8.1 (1m)


Release Date

December 25, 2002

User Reviews

Such a fantastic movie built on a true story with incredible acting and script that have you rooting for him and laughing
A bio-pic featuring two of the greatest actors of all time in their primes. An outrageously fun adventure. Another gem from Spielberg
Fun, exciting and jaw dropping at times. Hard to believe what he pulled off.
Love this movie. Have watched it so many times, and it never gets old.
It gets so complex with the story but still easy to follow and drags in suspense building as such a good device. Great acting!
One of the best performances done by DiCaprio and Hanks in this 2002 Oscar nominated classic. Such a great movie!
Engaging, funny, well acted and has a great style, Di Caprio and Hanks make a great duo in a game of cat and mouse.
So good, especially after seeing Johnny Carson interview the real Abagnale, he’s clearly very intelligent, glad he’s using his power fo good
Don’t be fooled. This is the sequel to Face/Off.
DiCaprio and Hanks make a great duo in an entertaining movie.

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