Big Daddy
Big Daddy

Big Daddy

ComedyPG-1319991 hr 33 min
6.1 (26.8k)
6.4 (225.1k)


Release Date

June 25, 1999

User Reviews

Un des meilleurs films avec Adam Sandler
This is an extremely underrated Adam Sandler movie
“I wipe my own ass” is never a line that you thought would make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Must watch.
Funny movie with a little full t the heartstrings
Kind of weird if you’re not a fan of scuba steve and this movie
One of Adam Sandler’s best films of our lifetime
I love this movie because its a terrier but also very funny!
The emotion displayed in Adams acting when he’s with Julian is excellent. It’s an Adam dangler style comedy but it’s one of his better acts.
Was so cute!! Some predictable moments but was good
Adam Sandler could be good as a dad, but as a comedian? Up for debate

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