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Invest In Taste

For a limited time, you can invest to become a stakeholder in Taste.

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Third investment round is closing soon

Investment Window Closing Soon - Ends Nov 2nd

Thanks to users like you, we've raised $1.1M via crowdfunding and continue to be 100% funded by our own community. This ensures our independence and preserves the integrity of our algorithms. This new round is an opportunity for you to join our investor list and participate directly in Taste's future.

Reasons To Invest:

How To Become A Shareholder:

Many of you rely on Taste as a recommendation and rating platform, and we're proud of that trust you place in our product. As part of our forward-looking strategy, we are planning an expansion to smart TVs. This natural progression not only bridges the gap between discovering and watching content but also paves a direct pathway to monetization. To get a glimpse of our plan, please take a look at this short video.

Key Achievements:

We have structured the campaign to reward investors with preferential terms/bonus in the first few days upon launch, so be sure to take advantage of that.

– John & Justin, Co-Founders

Campaign Updates

June, 2023 – New (third) funding round is now open at $1.09 price per share.

April, 2021 – Taste Labs completes its seed A round fundraising at $0.69 price per share.

July, 2019 – Taste Labs completes its pre-seed round fundraising through convertible debt.

Investment Q & A

What do you plan to do with the money raised?

The funds will go into building new features, perfecting the algorithm, and to bring more users onto the platform.

Is this like Kickstarter?

Not quite—you are actually investing in the company. Not only do you get product perks, you'll also hold a stake and could profit from the company's potential exit (acquisition or IPO).

What can I expect for return on investment?

Startup investing is both risky and potentially very profitable. We've outlined the market potential, comparable companies, business model, and growth metrics to help you assess the potential risk/reward. You can find this on our campaign page and in our form-C filing. In addition, StartEngine has extensive content about why invest in startups, the associated risks and a wide range of topics regarding investment and expected returns. You can read more here.

Why are you raising money from users?

Taste was raised on the internet by its users. It has always been in our ethos to make the project as open and community-driven as possible. When the JOBS act made equity crowdfunding available, we jumped on the opportunity to make investing possible for our own users. This is our second round of fundraising through equity crowdfunding. Our previous rounds raised over $1.1M and was completed in 2021.

How do I invest?

The investing process is secured and simple. Follow the "Invest Now" link to go to our StartEngine profile. A widget will take you through choosing the investment amount and to verify your identity. It should take only a few minutes to complete your investment. You will also be able to track the campaign and updates through StartEngine's account.

What are the perks?

All investors will receive a lifetime premium membership and an "investor badge" on their profile. There are also additional perks for a range of investment levels. You can find them in the Perks section on our StartEngine profile page.

I live in a foreign country, can I still invest?

Yes, StartEngine allows investments from nearly anywhere in the world. There are some restrictions when it comes to UK and Canadian investors, so if you reside in those regions, please click here for more information.

Our co-founders, John Lin and Justin Messina

Upcoming Features & Initiatives

Smart TV App

By bringing Taste Labs to smart TVs, we'll provide users with seamless navigation and access to recommended content, along with the ability to watch many titles right within the Taste TV App.

Additional Revenue Sources

In addition to our premium subscription model, we'll tap into the growing ad-supported streaming market, incorporating commercial breaks into free titles on our platform. We've also penned several data sales deals which we'll add to our revenue stream in 2023/24.

Category Expansions

We'll leverage our AI-driven platform to help users discover other forms of content, such as books, podcasts, and music, making Taste Labs the go-to destination for informed recommendations across all media.

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Third investment round is closing soon