Thap and Sin are a homeless musician brothers who came across a village that was raided by Khun Ram who tries to stir up controversy in the kingdom of Siam. Thap seeks justice for the villagers and sets off to Jantaboon cit which is in Khun Rams residence. He then meets his old lover AungKarb which is the Prince Jantaboon's concubine and also works under Khun Rams. On the way to meet the prince Thap encounters enemies but Boonma and Sin saves his life. Thap decides to join Sin in his mission to take down Kkum Ram. Meanwhile , Khun Ram robs and destroy another village and frames Sin. Khun Ram plans to take down Prince Jantaboon and take over the kingdom but Thap and his friends are determined to put a stop to his plan.

Genre: Action, Foreign, Asian

Release date: October 15, 2015

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