Saumitra, a narrow minded brilliant painter and sculptor, visits Khajuraho Group of Monuments to draw inspiration and meets Teesta there through a common friend, Arijit who is an artiste, too. Love blossoms between them in Kolkata and though their family background and economic standards are poles apart, they decide to marry. Teesta breaks away from her rich, blue blood family. After getting in the nuptial bed, hypocrite Saumitra, to his shock, discovers that without padded bra Teesta is flat-chested. The shock develops into sense of being cheated, anger and finally hatred. Teesta goes and seeks solution from Sharmistha Sen, her manager. Will Arijit marry flat-chested Teesta?

Genre: Romance, Drama, Foreign, Bollywood

Release date: April 15, 2005

Runtime: 120 min

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