Alegre ma non troppo
Alegre ma non troppo

Alegre ma non troppo

Comedy19941 hr 40 min
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5.6 (359)

Pablo is a twenty-year-old man who wants to be a musician in order to be appreciated by his mother and find a male partner he can share his love with. He finds one, but because of his demanding behaviour, he is soon alone again. He tries to become a French horn player in the Youth Spain National Orchestra, but the examiner turns out to be his father, who's been living apart from his family and doesn't really accept Pablo's sexual trends. Once Pablo fails in his exam, he feels very depressed. When another French horn player from Valencia hasn't got a place to sleep, Pablo takes him home to his house. The next morning, however, he finds a girl named Salome inside of his bed.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Classics

Release date: May 26, 1994

Runtime: 100 min

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