The Light of the World
The Light of the World

The Light of the World

Fantasy19312 hr 4 min
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7.3 (135)

A period fantasy that told of the ageing king of Kamarpur, and his two rival queens, Navbahar and Dilbahar, and their rivalry when a fakir predicts that Navbahar will bear the king's heir. Dilbahar unsuccessfully tries to seduce the army chief Adil (Vithal) and vengefully destroys his family, leaving his daughter Alam Ara (Zubeida) to be raised by nomads. Eventually, Alam Ara's nomad friends invade the palace, expose Dilbahar's schemes, release Adil from the dungeon and she marries the prince of the realm.

Genre: Fantasy, Foreign, Bollywood, Classics

Release date: March 14, 1931

Runtime: 124 min

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