Aladdin and His Magic Lamp
Aladdin and His Magic Lamp

Aladdin and His Magic Lamp

Animation19701 hr 10 min
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6.2 (174)

He travels to Aladdin's village, identified as being near the border with China, where he enlists Aladdin's help by pretending to be his long-lost uncle and offering to leave his wealth to Aladdin. At one point, the Magician character tells the story of his travels to China, India and Persia and we see a montage of these adventures and it's kind of interesting because of the way it invokes other cultures of the era. There is some unnecessary padding throughout as characters break into songs that do nothing but tell parts of Once upon a time, somewhere in Africa, a local magician dreamed of owning the Magic Lamp. Thanks to a Magic Ball he learned that the Lamp could be found in an Asian village and that only the innocent hand of a young person could snatch it. He traveled to the place, a village called Three Hill City, close to the Chinese border. There lived Aladdin

Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Foreign, Classics

Release date: January 28, 1970

Runtime: 70 min

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