Ala Modalaindi
Ala Modalaindi

Ala Modalaindi

Romance20112 hr 16 min
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7.7 (2.8k)

Gowtam works as a reporter for a television channel. He is nursing a heart break after his girlfriend dumped him for another guy. He attends the wedding of his girlfriend where he meets the another girl Nitya dumped by the groom (her boy friend). They hit off well and become instant friends. Nitya stays in Bangalore and Gowtam stays in Hyderabad. They keep bumping in to each other over a period of years. Though both these people like each other, the fate intervenes to separate them at crucial moments. The rest of the story is all about how this couple finally realises that they are made for each other after few years of courtship.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Foreign, Bollywood

Release date: January 21, 2011

Runtime: 136 min

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